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Stereo power amp for $10k
You need to realize that putting a 10K amp on your processor is not only a mismatch but a waste of $. You won't be able to hear the improvement from the 10K amps: resolution, details, stage and macro/micro dynamics due to your Marantz preamp limit... 
Cary 500 MB or Mark Levinson 531H
They are very different in the way they sound. Cary is more laid back and the ML are more forward more aggressive, so it comes down to your taste. 
$2,000 Used CD Player or Modified Oppo 105
I own the Oppo 105D, and the I have owned many high priced cd players in the past. My local buddy has the $40K DCS stack and nothing beats that. I don't think you can buy anything used for $2K that would beat the Oppo. Playing FLAC via the Oppo is... 
Best XLR IC's for around $300/pair?
Audience, Acoustic Zen at that price point. 
What amp sounds most like Krell mcx monoblocks?
I have heard and own many amps in the last 25 years, yet I have not heard anything that sounds like those Krell mcx. I have owned many: Levinson, Mcintosh, Accuphase, Sim Audio, Ayre, Gamut. My 450mcx is running strong so you should not hesitate. ... 
Velodyne DD10 vs DD12
I owned both and the DD12 is what I would call a sub and the DD-10 is like a little boom box! I hope that helps! 
Audience au24e vs Transparent Ultra
From my experience, comparing the 24e vs. Transparent Ref, I found the transparent better but also brighter. I settle w/ the 24e. For the $$, they cant be beat. They just sound right in every way. Highly recommended by me. 
Pass Labs 350 vs. 350.5 sonic differences?
Thank you Teajay. I will pass on the original X series after reading your review and comments. 
is ayre qb-9 dac better than cx7e mp?
In my opinion, the answer is no. I have listened to the Mac+DAC combo vs. the cdp and the cdp sounds fuller with more dynamics, present and body. 
Which is the better player Cary 306/200 or 303/300
I had both and I would say they sound about the same, but I would go for a 303/300 for more than likely you wont have any problems. The older 306 had some issues. Do some research here on Audiogon to find out more about them. The latest 306 Pro se... 
Overseas Pay Pal, your experiences.
Make sure they have good feedbacks and you should be okay. I have sold many items overseas and not once had any problem. 
tonearm upgrade, how far up the food chain?
I think you should use this formula or close to it:50% of budget to your table25% for your arm 25% for your cartridge. 
What to choose?????
See if you can take all three home and see for yourself. 
what cartridge?
If your phono has enough gain, 60db at least, then I would buy a Denon 103-R. It's a giant killer for the price. 
Anyone that went to CES
I would love to take the Wilson Max 3 home with me if I had the cash. I did not really care for the the Lamm gears for they are way overpriced. $140K for a pair of amplifiers? You got to be kidding me. I would rather give me money away to a charit...