power cable recommendation for dartzeel amplifier

Any dartzeel amplifier owners that can recommend a power cable for the amp. Thanks!!! I was thinking Audience PowerChord or Shunyata Taipan...same power cable which I am using with my shunyata hydra and my emm labs preamp/dac and emm labs transport. I cannot afford to splurge on the jena or purist power chords or shunyata andromena which would otherwise be my choices.
Ask Mike Lavigne (mikelavigne)
ask Don from DCCA,his cables are unbelivable.And a nice person too.
Try a Silent Source power cord. A friend of mine uses it on his Dart, and the reviewer at 6moons used it on his Dart with great success as well. I have several Silent Source PCs and keep them around as I always find them to be a great cord. I'll probably move my Jena Labs Fundamentals to my Evolution Acoustics MM3 speakers and use the Silent Source on my Dart and digital for the time being.

Also, if it is your price range, check out the VH Audio AirSine.
What do you have for home wiring? Seriously?

High proportion performance increase after flowing through basic romex 12AWG wiring? Marginal. A boutique power cord may color the sound to your liking is all....ever look inside your components? The wiring to and from the power switch alone is notable.

If a power cable is making that big of a difference in your system- I suggest you focus your efforts on dedicated home runs. You'll really flip your lid when you hear what dedicated lines (included isolated ground lines) can do.

FWIW- Power cables made of Belden 83803 are fantastic. DIY, star ground, and add isolated ground lines to your outlets.
I'm the friend that Fsarc was referring to. I tried quite a few cords, some considerably more expensive, and settled on the Silent Source. For my system, it gave me the right amount of bass. Other cords were either too lean, or too soft in the mid bass region. I did find the Dart to be very sensitive to power cord changes.
I use the Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha on my dart amp with excellent results.
JUst to give you another low(er) cost option, I have a very good customer with two Dart amps and the pre-amp is on the way. He can afford to get any power cord he wanted, but chose the ESP Essence Reference as being the best sonic match with his setup. Mike at ESP (www.essentialsounds.com) is a great guy and the ESP Essence Ref is a GREAT power cord at a sane price. ENJOY!
thanks for the advice everyone....I am starting with the audience but will probably demo the esp essence as well.

any thoughts on speaker cables that go well with the dart and wilson wp7?
Karma -- there aren't too many speaker cables that will do justice to the kind of system you're putting together.
So I hope you can put the Dart right between the speakers with spkr cable runs of not more that 2.5 m each way ;--)))

Top of the line models from one of these companies should do it (meaning provide balance and especially neutrality for that system):

Purist Audio design, Dominus (definitely)
Harmonic Technology, Pro-9 Plus (definitely)
Siltech, Emperor (definitely)
Synergistic Research (possibly)
JPS Labs (possibly)
Virtual Dynamics (possibly)

Do not get any cable that employs a network box, like MIT or Transparent, because I don't think WPs will benefit from them, and in general feel they do more harm than good (although Mike Lavigne uses two pair of Transparents with his darts and Von Schweikerts @ $33K per pair ;--)

van den Hul (probably not)
Ridge Street (probably not)
Audience (probably not)
Analysis Oval (probably not)

Audioquest (definitely not)
Straightwire (definitely not)
Kimber (definitely not)
Nordost (definitely not)
Cardas (definitely not)
XLO (definitely not)

Definitely = just buy it (and sell one of the cars)
Possibly = need to listen to it (then sell one of the cars)
Probably not = good product but not quite enough of everything for your system's quality.
Definitely not = could be for various reasons, from an obvious sonic signature to insufficient quality or questionable design (IMO of course)

There are quite a few I haven't even mentioned because I don't feel they make a product in the same league as your system. If I missed something that should have been in the 'definitely' or 'possibly' categories, please say so, and then get ready for a fight (just kidding!)
I would add Shunyata's top of the line Orion helix speaker cables. I auditioned a laundry list of cables when I switched from my MIT Oracle v1.1 cables and liked the Shunyata's by a wide margin. They have the speed and transparency of ribbons and the body of network cables. Definitely worth auditioning if you can. Based on my own experience I would never buy any cable without hearing it in my own system first. So many cables act as an effective tone control in your system due to design trade-offs. BTW, I have Dynaudio Evidence speakers with an external cross-over.

Good luck.
While I like many that have been mentioned, I greatly prefer a new PC called PCPC-one. Second choice would be the Jena Labs FP one. Both are active and quite a bit less expensive than most of the alternatives.

I sell both, but most of you know that :)