Power Cable Question...

My first post on Audiogon, thanks for any input. Just got the PS Audio Trio C100 amp and a Cambridge entry level cdp. Today I wanted to upgrade the stock power cables. I've tried plugging in 3 different models, PS Audio Jewel/PW AC-3/Pangea all 3 I can't get plugged in to either component. The force needed to set the plugs in flush on the units have me scared of actually breaking something. Is it the models I have? Or am I missing something?
Forgive any newbie mistakes, this is my first attempt at putting together a "hi-fi". If anyone knows of a relatively cheap Power Cord that would easily plug into these two units please advise. Thanks.
You should have no trouble inserting the cord.Are you sure the plugs are lined up correctly?They will only go in so far.You want the connections to be tight.
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thanks for input, yeah they are lined up. they go about half way in and then you really have to put a lot of force to insert rest of way. doesn't feel right pushing that hard on electronics. would it be ok to use lube like WD40 on the prongs?
would it be ok to use lube like WD40 on the prongs?
I wouldn't!

I suggest you pull each piece of equipment out where you can get a good visual look as to exactly what is going on when you try to insert the IEC connector into the IEC plug on the equipment. Is it the contacts, or is it the fit of the two bodies of the IEC connectors causing the tight fit.

To be honest most guys would love a tight fit of their IEC connectors.......


I had major problems with these cords on some very expensive eqipment. They do not go in flush with the back!

They actually shorted out a piece of equipment of mine!
I was taken care of by a different route.

I would NEVER use these cords again and I do believe the build quality on the Pangea is great for the money.

Check my feedback.........I have had quite a bit of euipment and NEVER this problem........send them back.

I bet you got them from Audio Advisor who are good people.
I have used many different PCs and AC terminations. I can honestly say I've never had to "force" an IEC connector into any equipment I've owned. Yes, some have been slightly tighter and some looser but "force" was never necessary.
Something doesn't sound right here.
I have had the same issue with my power plant premier. I called PS Audio and the tech suggested I squeeze the U shaped ground plug a bit to make it a bit narrower. The PS receptacles REALLY grab. It took me a LOT of force. Enough so as I stopped and called PS Audio. HTH.
Actually the cables did come from AA, I just ordered the Cardas Twinlink PC and I'm going to try that model. I did take the cdp and place it in my lap for better leverage, the power cable still didn't want to set flush without lots of force, too much to make me comfortable. So I'll try the Cardas for comparison. The stock cable in the box has no trouble going in and "clicking" at the end to give the feel that it set properly.
I just want a shorter and higher quality after market cable.
Srwooten...seeing the system you have reminds me of how far I have to go. My sytem is basically a bookshelf hi-fi, but it sure sounds better than the Bose Acoustic Wave it replaces. right now I have the PS Audio Trio c100, Cambridge 340 cdp, Energy RC 10 bookshelf speakers, Hydra 2 power cond. Also have 1 Mapleshade Maple Wood amp platform, not sure if makes a sound difference but it looks great!
Your set up sounds like it is off to a great start and I bet it is very enjoyable to listen to, to say the least!

BTW- I mis-understood your problem. Most upgraded female ends of the power cords do NOT go in until they are flush. They tend to wiggle a bit to. The male end which goes to the power source MUST go in all the way. I'll try to post a pic in a minute to see if this is your situation.
...the plug end that goes into the Hydra 2 is no prob. it's the other end that doesn't want to go into the component. I should have the Cardas power cable by end of week, I'll post if it connects better than the PSAudio cables.