power amp question

can I use my rotel 1062 integrated as a pre- amp and if so, what would be a good match for a power amp-thanks.
I'm not familar with your Rotel but integrated units sometimes have PREAMP RCA OUTS/IN with jumpers installed. You simply remove the jumpers and insert RCA cables on the PRE AMP outs and run those to the amp you'll purchase.
As for amp - are you looking for tube or SS? What speakers are you driving and what power requirements do you have?
Yes, the 1062 has preamp outputs so using it as a preamp is as simple as using interconnects to go from those outputs to a power amp.
Why would you want to do that except for the fact that you don't have enough power for your speakers which I doubt, or if this is a temp. measure until you can properly update. If you want to update get a good amp and preamp.
I used my good Rotel RA-02 preamp outs when I first got a power amp. I was blown away by the change - esp in dynamic control - when I went to a dedicated pre-amp. So what you're suggesting is certainly OK but I think it would be an interim step for you.
I have dali ikon 2 speakers. what would be a good int. amp that would be a step up from the rotel-thanks.
Danovak tell us about your room size,listening tastes and what type of sound you are trying to improve on from your existing system.
my room is like 18 by 12-I listen to vinyl on a rega planar 2 and grahm slee se2 phono amp plugged into a hydra 2 - listen to neil young, yes alot of 70's stuff- some jazz, ry cooder- want tighter bass and less brightness. but more punchier sound as well.
I think I want to stay solid state although I know how great tubes sound- think its a question of money-thanks.