polk speakers

Given polk bookself speakers to repair.NO model have 6 1/2 mid bass with 1' Dynamic Tweeter. Box is & 1/2x 14 3/4 x 9 1/2. plus bottom port on short woodstand to keep port off bookself.great tight bass for 6 1/2" driver
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And so...?
That's nice, I suppose.
I would add more cross bracing, tow them in a little and buy some better speakers cables.
Tow them? C'mon, they're not that heavy!
Hey Richard

Sounds like you have some rti6 speakers. Do they have a silver front baffle? If so then thats them.

Good value for money speaker.
Roxy, are you sure they're not that heavy? These speakers are & wide and that's heavy to me. (Thanks for the spell check...).