Plinius, SimAudio or Levinson $3kused?

Upgrading from an older Bryston. Thinking of these three amps in the $3k range. Monitor Audio GR 20's. Who has done direct comparisons?
The Sim audio W5 is a great amp for the money. It sounded the best out of the three. I auditioned Classe, Plinius, Pass labs, Blue Circle, Bryston and Levinson. I thought the W5 was the best overall performer and would have (and may still be) my choice. But much is dependant on what you like and how the amp and speakers interact. Just my $0.02.
I had the opposite experience, I felt the Levinson 334 power amp on Verity Audio $17K speakers was better than the Sim AUdio W-5. I also own the Pass X-250 and I thnk that it also out performs the Sim.

The most improtant issue is how will the amps mate with your speakers, they all do not mate equally and so my opinion on the W-5 may be different on your speakes, you really have to try them to hear the trade offs.
I like the sound of Levinson gear. It is true to the music. When you get it right it is hard to beat the sonics and quality. I would have to know more about your system to make a recommendation about which amp would be best.
Levinson is rapidly recovering from their move this summer and I think you will be happy with the sonics and support.
Hope this helps,
Steven (sgr)
I'm planning on keeping the Monitor Audios. I'm currently using Sonic Frontiers Pre and Theta dac. The Pre amp will be next to go. I will be buying before listening so opinions can help me. tks