Plinius SA amps

For those owning Plinius SA amps. I got a question.
I bought SA-102 back when brand new, together with CDLAD.
I liked the sonics and the way they came on doing what they did.
Though, i found the CDLAD to be quite bad as it was so thinn sounding. What i never got rid of was the high background noise. I aquired a SA-250mk4 and to my ears it was the same.
I later moved on, same issue in the new apartment. We brought the SA amps to a very good friend. Same in his system. Later on, i had an, at home demo with Krell 600c and KPS 25sc. These sounded pretty different, and also very silent (no noise). I contacted dealer and importer about my Plinius units.
I never got them to bettered really, even though they were sent back to Plinius facility. Well, they lowered gain, but it was still a noise. How do you solve this issue as i have noticed no-one here even mention this.
I had at this period, a speaker manufacturer at my home, bringing two set of speakers. He was as me, annoyed of the very audible noise and suggested a change of amps. This was apperent mostly, in the tweeters. Sounding similar to pink noise or running water.
Speakers had, from 87-94 db sensivity. I tried some rfi filters but it never helped much. I ended up selling both the SA units. I still liked what they did, but i could never come over the noise issue.
What i wonder, is this same with the SA-103 an SA Ref and SB-301?
I don't know if it has anything to with the gain of 32 db ove rca/ 38 db over xlr?
Anyone that can clear this up?
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I had the Plinius SA-102 amp & CD-LAD combo and never had a noise problem. The CD-LAD is not at the same performance level as the SA-102 or 250. I sold the CD-LAD and upgraded to an Aesthetix Calypso with NOS tubes, which turned out to be a significant upgrade over the underperforming Plinius preamp.

I assume you tried the SA amps with other (better) preamps? If not, that may have been part of your problem.

I'm a big fan of the SA-102 amp FWIW.
I have owned the Plinius SA 50, 100, and own the SA Reference. I've never had the problem you speak of. I'm thinking maybe it's do to a mismatched preamp?
Using dual SA100 mk3 in balanced, bridged mode (all XLR) with Genesis 350's (91dB) and passive (TVC) line stage, which also provides galvanic isolation. Dead quiet with ear right up to the speakers or amps. Also feeding them with balanced AC from a large (5KVA), centre-tapped, step-down transformer but, even straight from the wall, almost never had a noise problem. Most "natural" sounding amps I've owned.

Some noise when an active crossover (NHT X2) introduced between TVC and amps but that almost disappeared over time and is only a slight hum if I put my ear right up to midrange driver. Used the mute switch on the amps when not listening but always on and make nice quiet heaters over the winter. Gonna try another balanced AC transformer for the CDP and move it's small iso tranny to the xover.
Nope, i used it with several preamps.
The matter is still strange. I've seen mail directly sent to an importer (he shared this with me), so it is more customers than me who has asked. I can mention my two friends and the speaker manufacturer as direct people who has heard them (SA amps) under different circumstances. This is strange.
When i took this face to face with our importer, around 2002, he did not agree. First years later, when he ended dealing, he agreed fully. As mentioned, i bought Krell, so i tried KPS 25sc (inbuilt KRC-HR), Classe CP 47.5mkII, Teac D-70 directly also a Bladelius pre amp (i do not know model name) and the mentioned CDLAD. I used several speakers as i changed during (at home demo) time of ownership. It is not a pitchblack background on them. I just wonder what makes this? I would like to learn. I am not just pulling this off. How could Plinius pay for shipping from dealer in EU, to Plinius and back to me, if is not the case?
None of my other electronics was like this.
I have never earlier started this thread, even though i have wonder all the time. Remember, this was many years ago. I asked this question due to the fact i would very much like to learn. I do not at all dislike the sonics or anything, just this only thing my complaints concern.
I had never parted from either of the SA amps if this was not the case.
I would like to point out that this is not ment as an offense.
It is merely a question.
Thanks for your opinions and inputs though.
A 5-6 years ago, I have had the same if not bigger problem with my SA-102 and I also sent it to distributor, tried various preamps etc. Nothing helped. Otherwise excellent power amp and I felt very sorry dealing with it.
I sold it and bought Spectron amp and never look behind !

Thanks for sharing!
That sounds about the same as for me.
Still strange some have had this issue, some say it is not at all appearant. The amps can't differ that much. Also as i used these amps in three apartments of my own, and took it to friends and results always same. All other gears (and amps) had exactly same connections, same powerchords etc.