Anyone driving Maggie 1.6 with a Plinius 8200MK11

Looking at possibly getting the Plinius, any first hand experience with the amp driving Maggies? My other amp in mind was a Krell KAV 300il, any help appreciated. FYI room is 17x27 with 8 foot ceiling, listen to mostly modern country, rock etc.

I believe that is the Plinius amp I owned (almost certain though it may have been the 8200) and it worked really well with the 1.6. It had enough power and nice tonal balance. It was one of the better amps I used out of several. A safe purchase imo
MAGGIE 1.6 caught my attention....I have the 1.7's....but what shocked me was that another audiogon member listens to Country music....and modern Country at that! I thought I was the only one !
I've owned several Plinius integrated amps including the 8200 MK II that I used with my Maggie 1.6 speakers.
In my opinion the 8200 MK II will work, sound great, and have plenty of power for your room.
I had the Krell KAV 300il that I used with my Maggie 1.6's but I sold it because I preferred the Plinius 8200 MK II sound.
I now have the 3.7's that I drive with my Plinius SA Reference amp.
I think the Plinius would work well. Its soft on top and you really need that with the aluminium tweeters on the 1.6. Roland would also be a good choice.
I had that very pairing in college and really loved that system. The Plinus is a fine mate to the 1.6s and you should enjoy what you hear.
I don't have a a Plinius amp or Maggie 1.6s, BUT I do have the newer Magie 1.7s powered by Plinius's fellow countryman, the Perreaux PMF1150B. I suspect Plinius and Perreaux probably have a similar design philosophy and house sound. At any rate, the Perreaux is an excellent match with my Maggies, with a combination of speed, refinement, and high current that can sing into 4 ohms all day long with no sign of distress.

If the Plinius has bandwidth and current delivery similar to the Perreaux, it should be one of the better matches out there.