Please recommend a good recording oMozart Requiem

Thanks in advance.
Colin Davis/LSO (a classic modern instrument performance)


Christie/Les Arts Florissants

Emma Kirby & Chris Hogwood with Academy of Ancient Muisc is very good - they play everything on period instruments or replicas - so it sounds closer to the orginal, as it was intended.
Jordi Savall, La Capella Reial de Catalunya, Le Concert des Nations -- breathtaking.
I second Zinfan2's recommendation of Jordi Savall, et al.
If you are a student of the work, then you'll find the recent Nikolaus Harnoncourt/Concertus Musicus Wein version intriguing. The recording itself is amazing!
les violons des roy did a recording of this and it is excellent!
Plenty to chose from. I like Peter Schreier on Philips and Hickox on Virgin Classics (an appropriately terrifying version).

For an interesting comparison, look up Michael Haydn's (Franz Joseph's younger brother) Missa Pro Defuncto Archiopiscopo Sigismundo. This work was composed 20 years before Mozart's Requiem.
I really love the Savall but the Mackerras/Linn in MCH SACD is my new favorite.

Kal -- How does the Mackerras sound in two-channel?
Ha. Dunno since I never play any mch recording in stereo any more. Why would I?

I just heard MOZART Requiem WIENER Philharmoniker BOHM DG Mathis Hamari Ochman on CD and its was AMAZING,

It's also on DG Vinyl does anyone know if it was ever on RED Tag DG or with Tulip label, WTB 1st Press copy