Please identify this speaker

This is a photo (Mystery Speaker) of a speaker that appeared in two scenes of Hellboy 2. The movie came out in '08. Does anyone recognize this speaker? I saw it once myself, but I cannot remember its name or manufacturer or where I saw it.

If you can identify it, do you know anything about it? Were they any good? Presumedly, since they tried to make it look cool. Have they been superseded?

That looks like a B&O system, not a speaker. Kind of like this one, but 4 CD instead of 6:
That's a cd player, not speakers. It could switch between 4 different CDs. Sharper Image sold them, I believe.
So it is! Googling it yields a picture, at last.

I was mystified how I didn't get a picture of it in dozens of searches. "Sharper Image CD player" was the ticket.

Thanks very much.
I think I have listened to speaker at a friends house. It is the, now discontinued, Yoshishoshiro. These are fabulous speaker originally made in Japan until 1997 when the cost of manufacturing became to high, after that they contracted with a plant in Singha to reduce the costs. An earthquake soon leveled that plant and many works especially the children where injured and unable to work the hours required. I recently saw a pair on agon sell for over $27,000.