Please help-cables, interconnects?

Brand new to this, but just bought a new system and have read alot of you talking about different speaker wires, interconnects, etc. Would very much appreciate advice on which to look into as well as what this would do to improve my system which consists of Sim Moon I-5 integrated amp, Musical Fidelity A3cd player, and Gershman Accoustic Avante Garde RX-20 speakers. Thanks in advance.
I would purchase high quality used wire and begin by searching hear at Audiogon. The popular brands like MIT, Purist, Audioquest and Cardis are all highly re sellable, and perhaps even affordable enough to buy more than one at a time to experiment with. This would help you learn while you listen, something that will enable you to continue growing your system in the direction that satisfies you. Try living with your choice for several days, without making a snap judgement. Remove it, and see what you are missing and what is gained. You will come to the conclusion that certain changes will satisfy you long term, where you won't later regret your decision. Best wishes!
Also to consider Analysis Plus Oval 9 for speaker wire (used by Von Schweikert Audio and good reviews here). Harmonic Tech interconnects. has some great prices on silver interconnects (try the silver lace) with a 30 day in-home trial.
Ditto, on the anaysis plus oval 9, but i am not impressed with there ic's,and have been waiting months for some used acoustic zen ic's to buy,so they must be as good as the reveiws say,because no one is selling.
What is the total retail cost of your system?
I third the oval 9's, but am sure the speaker cables albertporter mention are all great too. There are about 300 he did not mention but could have. I have no idea if these are even a possibility for the equipment you mention.

In any case, I say start with the speaker cables. For me, the addition in my system (last) of the oval 9 speaker cables sent sooooo much information to my speakers that was not getting there before, it allowed me to really examine how the signal is assembled behind the speakers. Once in, it is much easier to identify and determine how, if at all, other components (like interconnects) affect the total sound output. IMHO,FWIW, etc., etc.
I fourth the AP Oval 9 speaker cable. I use the bi-wire and was terribly impressed with the improvement they made straight out of the box, it only got better! My favorite right now for ICs, from my Musical Fidelity E624 CD to my pre/pro, is Tara Labs RSC Master Gen.II. Again instant improvement, yet I bought them used(already broken-in), but for only $150.00! Most of all, I believe it takes time and patience to match the right cable with your system, and the results can be well worthwhile. Happy Hunting
All of us must draw ultimately on our personal experience. At the present time I am using mostly interconnects from HomeGrownAudio (Super Silver and Silver Lace models), and Kimber Kable 8TC speaker wire in a bi-wire configuration. I think both of these products offer fine performance for near-budget cost.
I'm going to second the Harmonic Technology cables, provided you go with the Pro-Silway Mk II interconnects and Pro-9 Plus speaker cables. I have not heard Analysis Plus but have read favorable reviews. HT and AP seem to have generated a lot of good press, so I think you'd do well to go with either. Check out to read a large collection of consumer reviews on these and other pieces of audio gear. Good luck.
My system is mostly wire with ZCable ICs and as well as their speaker cable. The entry level jazz4 is a pretty fair price. I have been extremely satisfied with their products.