RCA interconnects, can I expect 3.5 meter to offer good performance?

I have been  wanting to move my amplifier and that would require longer I/C cables, 3.5 meters to be exact. I am currently using a Classe CT-2300 power amp and Classe CT-SSP preamp-processor, all 2 channel sources use analogue bypass and are passed to the power amp via 2.5 meter Ainticables in XLR .

Why wouldn't I just buy 3.5 meter XLR cables? Well I have been considering buying a Don Sachs SP-14  tube preamp for my 2 channel music listening and that has RCA outs. My Classe power amp uses metal inserts to short XLR pins 1 and 3 together allowing use of RCA interconnects.Could I expect this longer RCA i/c run to sound good? It is possible to maintain a 2.5 meter RCA i/c, but I would really like to move my amplifer.

Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated!

I'm using 3.5 meter interconnect from preamp to amp sitting between the 2 speakers, but they're balanced.  To get a professional opinion call the guy at ClearDay cables...he knows lots about this stuff and is very honest.
Am using 3.5 meters RCAs from a phono preamp into main preamp.  Sounds as good as when it was 1.5 meters.  
Paul from clearday might be able to help you.Audioquest I think their cables sound good, even with the length you mention, it does not need to be balance.
Thanks for your response, I will contact Paul at Clearday and pick his brain.

The fact that you are using 3.5 meters (phono stage to preamp) is reassuring, could you share what brand RCA cable you are using?

I did post a version of the question to Don Sachs, he was very careful with his response. Not surprising.


Couldn't you get a set of Jensen Transformers and convert the XLR signal to RCA? If you place the transformers close to the RCA inputs, you should have very little signal degradation.
I wouldn't worry about it 3.5m is not that long really. look at input impedances of your amp and output impedances of the tube pre your looking at as long as they are compatible that length is not that long. Balanced was originally designed for pro applications going 100's of feet. so yes it can improve sound but that length is not an issue.