playing cdr's

Need some help.....trying to find the best cd player that plays cd-r's.......amazes me I can play all of them in my Buick, but can't on my NAD......just looking to get a top notch cd player, but one willing to play cd-r's.....

I own an Audio Research Ref CD7 and it has no trouble playing CD-Rs. I also have a CAL Delta transport that plays my CD-Rs. My old Theda Jade played CD-Rs. I would think that almost all CD players and transports made in the last 10 years play CD-Rs. I think that your NAD not playing CD-Rs is a bit unusual. My CAL transport has to be 15 years old.

How are you burning your CD-Rs, is you program burning them to be red book compatible? I use EAC and in the past have used Feurio!. I have not had a problem with CD-Rs burned by either program.
I own a Onkyo DX-7555 that plays CDR's. I have owned three NAD CDP's in the past. The Onkyo player is a lot better quality in build and sound (to my ears) over any NAD I have had in the past.
Most modern CD and DVD players will play CDRs.
I've heard there are a lot of older players that won't play them.Years ago,I bought a new changer for the trunk of one of our cars on clearance.A couple of months later I seen the replacement,and one of the big selling features was that it plays cdr's.
You might have:

- dirty lens (buy cleaning CD)
- poor CD-rs (get Taiyo Yuden here:

Taiyo Yuden invented CD-R.