Planet 2000 upgrade question...

I currently have a Rega Planet 2000 and it sounds very nice. I use it with a Plinius 8200 MkII and a pair of Magnepan 1.6s. I am considering upgrading from the Planet to a Jupiter.

Would a DAC make more sense? I was considering adding the Bel Canto DAC2 to my Planet. Has anyone done this or something similiar with positive results?

Are there other solutions that would work better? I don't want to spend more than $1500.

Thanks in advance ... Jim
You might look here:

But why not sell the Planet for $500 or so, and with $2000 as your ceiling, you have a host of excellent one-box options: Audio Aero Prima, Naim, Cary, Muse, others. In this case, you will only need one power cord--a good one would be within your budget, including the cost of the CD player. And you also will not need the additional digital interconnect, or a vibration-free, tweaked-out platform for the DAC.

Just a thought.
I had an original Rega Planet. I have replaced it with a Jupiter 2000. The improvement was immediatly noticable - I really love the sound of the Jupiter. I would not go back to the Planet. Also, my Jupiter sounds best with a Cardas Golden power cord.
seond the jupiter2000, very nice player. smooth, good detail, very happy with mine!