Rega Planet or Meitner CD-3 or...?

I am looking for a CDP. I auditioned the Rega, and it compared favorably to the Naim 3.5 (which was too expensive for me) My home system sounds too bright and lifeless with cd's, which is probably due to the Technics 5 disk changer. I read about Ed Meitner, his Meitner CD-3 player and grew very interested in it. How does it compare to the Rega? Does anyone have opinions about the Meitner? I wish I could compare the Rega to it. Has anyone done this? Please let me know who might carry this player. Thanks, Herman (from Chicago)
The Rega is a fine player. Stereophile class B.Can get them used for around $500.00 or a little more.The Rega is known to be warm sounding and "almost analog"like.If you want warmth and realism try true analog and compare a good CD player to a turntable.You may never look back.
I owned a planet for about 6 months. I found the unit to be a decent transport when sitting on the right platform, but as for use as a player I could not listen to the unit. I found it to be cold, schrill and compressed sounding. When used with a once owned (secondary system) modified (by Stan Warren) Monarchy 22A the unit was formidable. The Meitner CDP 3 is very old and probably not as good as the Planet (I shutter to imagine that) I spoke with John at ADS about the CDP 3 maybe only 3 weeks ago. He informed me that it is very dated (I think circa 1985) and that the sound is not on par with todays players. For the cost of the Planet I would suggest one of the CEC players, I think they can be had for about $795.00 on Regards, Mike