Upgrade from Rega Planet


I have an original Rega Planet, which I run through a Naim 32.5/140 combo. I am thinking of upgrading the Planet, even though I listen predominently to vinyl. Naim is the obvious choice, but their new players are too expensive, and even an older 3.5 is $700 or so, and then there are parts availability issues with other used Naim players. So what's out there that is significantly (not just a bit) better than the Planet, that will work well in a Naim system, and that are really affordable, say $800 or less (new or used). Aggressive sounding is fine, digital grain and etched are not.

I think very highly of the original Planet, and am quite open to the possibility that it takes a lot to actually beat it.

If you liked the Planet, you'll love the new Rega Appollo. It's priced in the same ballpark as the Planet but sounds significantly better. Has the same involving, highly musical sound as the Planet, but adds lots more resolution and dynamics. It's gotten great reviews from around the world. I would definitely try to audition one if I were you.
This is probably one of the most commenly asked question on AUDIOGON (except that some older threads like this get deleted)

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Were to go after a Rega Planet 2000?

I very much like my original Planet, which I have kept now for more than 8 years! It is a very difficult one to upgrade. I upgraded to a Linn Genki for 8 months and switched back to the original Planet that I just liked more. Same for a Unison Unico CDP.

One of my votes for an upgrade would be for the Audio Aero Prima...I have compared the Prima to the Unison Unico CDP, the Linn Genki, Rega Planet and found the Prima to best, smooth with lost of detail, a nice deep soundstage. It keeps the warmth of the Planet while at the same time adding detail and realism. In fact, so far I have not heard a single player that portrayed instruments (piano, sax) as realistic as the Prima.

The Prima is a little more though and at your price the only chance I see for an upgrade around $800 would be the Apollo. From all the Buzz on AGON it seems like the right way to go. In fact I am tempted to pick up an Apollo to compare to the Prima. Of course, you might be luck to find a Naim CD5i used for close to $1000 as well, which should be a good match in your system as well.

Good luck!

Went from original Planet to Rega Jupiter 2000 and love the Jupiter.