Pioneer s1 ex dilemma

I have a pioneer sc lx88 av amp and have just purchased a beautiful pair of pioneer s1 ex's.
how can I make them sound amazing without the obvious buying of a dedicated amp. I have good speaker cables so that's not an issue. Do I buy a dac or a pre amp etc or have I just wasted my money as speakers are too good for my system ? Can somebody please help.

Golly, they are expensive. Stereophile likes them. Your source and amp aren't really up to the job, I guess. You already know that though. 
If your going try to get the best out of them, you will require an upgrade in amplification. Efficiency is good, but with low impedance from the upper base to mid range combined with some notable phase values won't allow them to shine unless you provide them with something that can reach 4 ohms without any stress.

With that said, they measured quite well and if your enjoy a more forward sound, it should end up working quite well for you.
I really want to get the best out of the speakers without breaking the bank (max £700 for used equipment) but do I go down the road of mono blocks, power amp or something different.
many thanks in advance :)