Power or not dilemma? Proac D40R

Looking for A'goners advice on amp selection.

I have just bought a pair of Proac D40R's they are powered by a Luxman L505U in a room approx 4.5M W x 7.5M L x 4M H. Listen to digital through an Oppo 105. Listen to a wide variety of music.

The sound at the moment is great but I would ideally like to consider amp choices. The Luxman is 140 Watts into the D40's 4 Ohms-one of the reasons I might consider a high quality lower wattage amp is that the range from a good strong level on the Luxman to too loud isn't much at all though I know these speakers go loud with 100W + as per Proac's own advice.

So I guess the question is if I went for a much higher rated amp what would be the impact-I have had conflict advice on this some dealers and reviewers think the D40's sing at above 100 Watts others have said they prefer high quality amps with lower ratings.

I'm looking for any advice from anyone who has been in this position before or related specific experience.

Amps I would consider and I am considering are....

Audio Analogue Maestro Settanta which I am going to demo.

Sugden Masterclass integrated-as I liked the Proac/Sugden match when my system was Proac 150's and the a21a.

Moon i7 integrated.

Rega Osiris

Something further up the Luxman chain.

Of course there are a whole range of amps which look exciting but these are specific ones on the market at the moment here in the UK that would probably be affordable for me.

However I want to make the next amp a keeper so I'd like to make the right decision.
Thanks in advance.
I heard these powered by a Grommes phi-26 1.75/6 watt amp

granted it was a small listening room but damn it sounded good.

heard the setup at Arizona HiFi
Thanks for the reply Grinnell-I can't find very much out about that amp anywhere and it would appear rare even in the US and I am in the UK. The rating of those is incredibly low also.

Tubes are intriguing but I'm not a 100% certain I want to go down that route anyway.

I've been doing some listening tonight these speakers are special, makes me wonder what the potential of them is when matched with top notch amplification and a better source than I have.
I recently acquired a pair of d-40r. I am using Quicksilver V-4 with KT-77 tubes to power them. I am very pleased with the sound and would recommend this combination.