Pioneer HT amps...what one...newbie

hi...ive been wanting to get into HT in the living room and leaving the LINN in a listening room.
my budget is tight in the $500 region(for amp) and ive narrowed the search to 2 Pioneers amps a VSX 1019 AHK & a 9040 TXH
does anybody know what the difference is between these? they are priced similar and both appeal to me! there an amp in this price range that beats both of these???
What Speakers Match Well W/ Pioneer gear,i was looking for some small/maybe satts that can handle Music well also and what is a realistic price to spend on speakers when u spend $500 on an amp/?
I would suggest to add 2 yr older model 92TXH (receiver) to your list, 130Wx7 and allows to bi-amp fronts. You can get it for about $500 used and features + build/sound quality (for 500) for a normal HT sort of application is solid. I am using B&W DM604S3 for fronts and 600S3 for rears. IMO, don't make a short term decision for speakers, so spend a bit more, say 1200-1800 range and plan to keep 'em for a longer period.

cheak out used HT recievers 3 yrs old max
Forget both! $500 might get you a new one of these, look around.

If your do, use all seven channels as they were meant to be used. You'll love the effects.
you guys are great,opening up my searches for sure and my new Education into this.....been hard trying to find the 92txh used but that looks nice,still looking....i do like the idea of B&W'S and i hope they r a good match w/ pioneer gear,i understand some stuff dont match well together (tone/sound wise)..
suggestions for speakers always welcome,they will be very close to a wall as i dont have much room........if i find a used pair of old B&w P4s or P5s what rears and centre would match those as they are primarily a 2 channel amp speaker.?
just thought! what cables are a suit w/ pioneer and BW speakers??? and pioneer componants????? would nordost suit or is that for the likes of Linn gear?
Excuse me!

Disregard my previous comments regarding the Pioneer receivers. I assumed those were older receivers, sorry. I own an Elite SC-07 and I would definitely choose them over my previous suggestion.

As to speakers, it's important to match them for HT, or to at least match to the larger left and right two channel selections. I would prioritize a good sub then budget the speakers.
Go over to videogon and check out the pioneer elite vsx23, I believe. It is new, has all the latest features and is being sold for $499, new.
The VSX-9040TXH has full set of preamp outs. You may like to have those in case you wish to supplant the internal amps with an out board amplifier. For about $500 US the 9040 is a very nice AVR. But check out other brands too before you buy. But if you like Pioneer the 9040 is again nice for about $500