Pioneer VSX D411 receiver

I had not purchased a new receiver in probably 20 years. Yesterday I saw the Pioneer VSXD411 AV receiver advertised at a great price, so I got it and brought it home. I'm not interested in hooking up any video equipment to it - just my CD player, tape deck, and turntable. There were many inputs in the back, mostly for video connections. One input was labeled for CD player. Tried that, CDs sounded great. I only saw one other analog input that seems to be for the tape deck. Since it seems I can't connect BOTH my tape deck and turntable, and I use my turntable more than my tape deck, I tried connecting the turntable to these inputs. I could hear the record playing, but even at top volume, I wasn't hearing much. What gives?

-Paul W
You will need a phono pre-amp (with RIAA eq builtd in) to amplified the low output of the cartridge (mV) to a higher output. Look at the specs for input sensitivity of your receiver and the output of your needed phono pre-amp.