Pioneer 150's

  1. Wondering if it's worth the continued search for a pair of these 150's to hook up to my SX-1980. Anybody have any input on these speakers because I've never heard them. TY
With all the choices available, why would you aimlessly search for these?
I know the 150's are higher up in the food chain but I have a pair of HPM 40's I bought in 1979 or so. I kept them all of these years more out of nostalgia than anything. I hooked them up not too long ago and can tell you it was pretty disappointing. Today's speakers are so much more resolving, the midrange more coherent and the bass so much tighter than the 40's they were actually hard to keep listening to because I knew I was missing so much of the music. Probably not the answer you wanted to hear, just sharing my experience. I would go with a much more modern speaker. I