Calibrating New Pioneer Plasma

I recently bought the new Pioneer PDP504 plasma television as well as a copy of digital video essentials to calibrate it. The problem is I don't understand the instructions for digital video essentials. Is the AVIA Guide to home theater any simpler? If not, has anyone calibrated the new Pioneer plasma that can give details on the proper settings?

I find put each item on repeat and do the best you can. One of the best things is the simpte colorbars---black and white boxes--Pluge tests--You know make the grey just barely visable next to the black bar.---It will be harder with a plasma entry model as they don't do this well---or as well as a crt.----Just do the best you can. Don't expect miracles the first time---Be paitent and try it another day.
I totally agree! The DVE naviagation menu definitely leaves a lot to be desired but it's an excellent tool once one figures it out.

For me, it was easy to follow by going directly to Chapter 7 which will walk you through all the basic video adjustments. Before getting started, it's a good idea to set the contrast and brightness levels to neutral as the majority of these displays have these levels set way too hot at the factory.

When calibrated, your picture should be much improved when compared to the factory settings.