Pioneer PLX 1000 noise

I recently purchased a PLX 1000 from another Audiogon member, and it came in excellent shape.  My question, for anyone who owns or has listened to one of these, is have you heard a faint noise coming from the motor area?  It's enough to hear it from 10' away, although very slight at that distance.  

It is not a constant noise, but a slight chuffing noise that has a regular cadence.

The table sounds pretty good, but I'm curious about the noise...

Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Found what I needed - look up "platter noise fix PLX-1000" on the Vinyl Engine website.  A small disc comes unglued, and it needs to be sanded and reattached.

Fairly easy and quick fix...

Hope this helps you if you have a problem too.

That is good its an easy fix.

I have a PLX-1000 and its an excellent sounding table and punches was above its relative cheap price.  no issues with mine