Phono Stage for Marantz 5009?

I have a Marantz 5009 receiver with no phono stage, so I use a small NAD PP1 preamp that I use with a Rega TT with a Rega cartridge.(elyse I think).  

I have new speakers now so it's a bit more apparent to me that the sound is kind of dark compared to CD.  The TT has been checked recently and all was good.

Does the NAD compensate for the RIAA EQ curve for vinyl?   And which is the best input to use on the receiver?    I was using a TV audio in but am now trying the Aux on the front of the unit.  I need to listen more - it seems a little better only.

So I have been thinking about replacing the NAD, which is fairly old and has been on a lot, as it powers on with the receiver even when I'm watching tv.   Looks like the Pro-Ject S preamp was in my budget and has dip switches to tune the output.  If I'm after a brighter sound, does that make sense? 


I was told by Schitt to leave their phono preamp powered up all the time for best performance. 

For a moving magnet cartridge I have used a Schiit Mani and an Emotiva XPS-1. Both are quite reasonably priced and sound good to me. They also got good reviews. But my Rotel is probably brighter than a Marantz.  I'd give the Emotiva the edge with my MM, a Shure V15xMR. If I were going to spend a bit more, the Vincent PHO 700 intrigues me. 
I will look into them.  Yes, they're reasonably priced.  Thx!
Question regarding the settings and dip switches some of these preamps have.  

Are the adjustments only for compatibility's sake between receiver and tt or are they for tailoring the sound by ear?   Assuming you don't change receivers or cartridge is there any reason to be able to change the settings?

Was just wondering why a pre like the Project DS would have the settings on the front.

Its got nothing to do with the receiver. Its to tailor the phono preamp to the cartridge your using as MM and MC all require different gain and impedance settings. MM models may even require different capacitance settings in order to sound their best - very often the lower the better.

So you can see that adjustable Gain, Load and Capacitance settings can be very useful in getting the most of your cartridge vs. a phono stage where these values are fixed. And having them on the front is simply a matter of convenience for the user.
+1 paraneer. In addition, both cartridge and speaker, as transducers,  have much to do with the character of the sound one hears from their system. Are the new speakers less bright, maybe provide more warmth, than the prior ones?
The new speakers are Sierra 2’s and definitely brighter than the old ones, which is why I went with them. 

I think the old speakers kind of hid the muffled sound of my TT which now is a lot more obvious.

My NAD doesn’t have any settings that can be changed. It’s a PP1. 

So would I be better off with something I could make changes?  Or is it just the character of the preamp?