Phono preamp/stepup recommendations

I am interested in a phono preamp or stepup to mate with my system. I am upgrading (damn if it ever stops :) to a zyx universe cartridge from an airy 3s. I know I will need to upgrade the stepup since my trusty rotel is pretty marginal already with the airy3s. My system will be comprised of a Maplenoll ariadne table with a DIY carbon fiber arm, Marantz SR9300 and Klipshorn speakers. I am looking for something up to 2 grand. THe universe has a .24 mv output. All ideas are appreciated
I recommend the Thor phono I posted for auction yesterday. Great tube phono offering world class sound- instrument separation, bloom, pinpoint soundstage.
Thor is considered world class at an affordable price (used).
Good luck.
Michael (Oregon), that is not a bad recommendation, though it is in poor taste to advertise in these forums. However, for full disclosure, you should also mention that Thor Audio is in limbo at this time, just in case service is an issue.

I am using a ZYX UNIverse S-SB with a Walker Audio Signature phono preamp with very good results. I was able to get a great deal on this phono stage, at under $2K. I've heard and owned more expensive phono preamps both tube and solid state, but IMHO you can not beat this one at the price. They are rare and hard to find on the used market though, they were discontinued in favor of the twice as expensive Walker Reference phono stage.

As for what is out there NOW, I would probably take a good long look at this Klyne phono preamp. I've always enjoyed Stan's work too, very close to Lloyd's.
I have no affiliation with the seller.

I also use a ZYX UNIverse S-SB. The phono stages that I have used with it are a Vacuum State JLTi, a Herron VTPH-1mc, and a Herron VTPH-2. Our local audio group has phono stage shootouts several times a year. The JLTi and Herrons have consistently beaten phono stages costing thousands of dollars more. A new JLTi costs $1,695. A used VTPH-1mc sells for around $1,700. Used VTPH-2s sell for over $2,000.
Roger - with new Herron VTPH-2 preamps running over $3.5k, could you please say which more expensive phono stages did your audio group find consistently beaten by the Herron? Thanks!
The VTPH-2 is a recent acquisition so has only been to one shoot-out. It is better than the ASR Basis Executive and the E.A.R. 88PB and 324. There was one other phonostage, an Airtight if memory serves me correctly, but I wouldn't swear to it.

Based on that one shoot-out the dealer where we held the shoot-out has now taken on the Herron line.

Next phonostage shoot-out won't be until early next year.

Hope this helps.
Yes - thank you! I've heard good things about Herron, but never had a chance to listen through one. Wonder how it would stack up versus some closer to its price range such as the Rhea or the Pass Xono units or beyond such as the Lamm or CAT.
Jmcgrogan2 and others,
My apologies for mentioning an item I have for sale. My feeling was, is, that as long as one discloses this along with a SINCERE recommendation, that it was OK to make such a recommendation.
As to Thor audio in limbo, my feeling is that this is a non-issue. Nobody really knows what's going on (at least the folks I have talked to).
Fortunately, Paul's equipment has proven to be extremely stable, and due to it's design and simplicity, my understanding is that most technicians can attempt a repair with success.
Again, my apologies if my post is/was inappropriate.