Phillips CDM-1 CD transport/sled

I wish to repair a Wadia WT3200 that uses a Phillips CDM-1
sled and requires new belts. There are a total of 4 belts which may or may not all be part of the sled. I have called Phillips to see if they might have the specifications on the belts but they are of no help since the CDM-1 was discontinued some years ago. Any input would be appreciated>


Are these toothed belts, similar to gilmer belts used in camshaft drives in cars? I don't know, but I'd find the vendor/ manufacturer.

I've tried Phillips before, needing a laser assembly for my (antique) FD-1000 player of 25+ years.

Or , are they O-rings? These can be measured and come in hundreds of standard sizes and diameters.
Bob, if you find a source for the belts please email me.
I have located an exploded view of the CDM-1 unit with parts numbers. It doesn't have the specifications for the belts though but it shows the 4 belts and their Phillips parts numbers. Send me your regular e-mail address and I will forward you the information.

Would greatly appreciate any information you gather in regards to the belts and where to locate them or their specifications. My e-mail address is:


Bob Wood
Thanks Bob. Sorry it didn't occur to me to offer it to you but I already had the part numbers. Like you I'd like to find a source for the parts, or a proven substitute.