Denon2200 or Phillips964A or ????

Current system:
Denon AVR2803
NHT satalites and sub (5.1, wired for 7.1)
Sony DVD player (entry level, 5 years old)
Techniques CD player (dead, +10 years old)

I'm looking to replace the dead CD player and upgrade on my DVD video. To do this I am planning on getting an 'entry level' universal player.

My short list currently consists of the above referenced Denon2200 and Phillips963. Other then the Denons' ability to do both SCAD and DVD-A, I don't see much differnce in features or spcifications between the two players. I don't 'need' both SCAD and DVD-A, I would at the least, like to have one just to try and enjoy a new listening format.

I'm leaning towards the Phillips as I don't see paying $100 more for the DVD-A of the Denon unless the Denon is superior in other areas such as DVD-video and CD playback.

I open to any suggestions concerning the above players or perhaps another player I should be looking at. I'd like to keep the price in the $500-$700 range.
I just got a new 2200 for $499 and love it. Way more reliable than pioneer or sony. What I really looked for was bass management and every format imaginable. Search ebay for a deal on a new one.