need counter weight 4 phillips 212

i came across a phillips 212 tt that needs a belt and counter weight i was looking to repair and set up for my 13 yo son are parts available and is it woth it looks real nice thanks joe
there is someone on ebay that sells a "tune up" kit for the 212/312 models, with belt, new bulbs for the sensors, etc. they may have a lead on a counterweight as well, or have an idea as to where to find one. good luck.
TT's with missing counterweights are to pass on by. Most of the time it is nearly impossible to find one. (that's why they are selling it like that!) If you DO find one, usually the price is sky high and adds another $100. to the final cost. So, my advice is to skip it unless it is an essential item you dream over at night.
Same thing with 'nonfunctioning' automatic TT's.. Unless you are a mechanical genius, pass on those too.