Pete Gabriel and Kate Bush

Did anyone research their biographies? Did they ever have a personal relationhsips? I know that there are a lot of albums of Kate with participation of Pete and even joint songs.
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Gabriel was married to the time to Jill
His marriage fell apart over his relationship with Rosanna Arquette

admiration, no romance with Miss Bush
I've had yesterday a dedicated listening session for Pete and Kate for about 5 hours. They're so damn great!
I was listening to Kate Bush's "Hounds of Love" when I read this posting. Does anyone know if any of her work is available in DVD-A/SACD/HDCD/Gold CD, etc.?
I'm not sure about Kate I've check on Pete and didn't find neither mfsl nor HDCD/SACD/... Unfortunately(or maybe fortunately) she's not Britney
Peter Gabriel's discs are being remastered and released this tuesday 5/7
I did read that Kate Bush actually turned down Gabriel's amorous advances and seduction attempts -- she was happily married at the time-I can't remember where I read this now-probably Q magazine or a Gabriel biography I read a few years back.
Needless to say the only people who'll really know are those involved.
I think it's well documented PG had an eye for the ladies and didn't do too badly apparently Bush being one of the few who escaped...........