P.Gabriel in Hi-fi +...a real treat.

UK quaterly Hi-fi + magazine has a real treat this issue.
A really interesting interview with Peter Gabriel regarding the re-mastering of his back catalogue.
Had to snigger when he said his wife hated his 5 channel set up at home.
Anyway the mag features in depth articles on the remastering of Gabriel's work on SACD,vinyl and CD.
It's a bit unusual to hear an artist talk about the sonics of his work in a lot of detail.
Worth a read even if your not a big Gabriel fan.
Thanks for the tip Ben, I'll have to pick up an issue. The Peter Gabriel SACDs are a real sonic treat!
Thanks Ben, Peter Gabriel has always been someone to do things a little different, I have none of his sacd's yet but hope to soon.
I have never been a Peter Gabriel fan, but as I was perusing SACDs yesterday at Best Buy, I figured what the hell and bought Up.

I took it home and listened to the first half of the album on headphones and was very impressed with not only the music, but the sonics were masterful. I am normally not one to buy for sonic reasons, but i am glad I did.

I took the CD over to my brother's house to hear it on his multi-channel system.

Growing Up in multichannel is, bar none, the very best sonic presentation I have ever heard, and by a long shot.

I was awed at the phenomenal multi channel mix. Everything seemed so natural, right in its place. The MC mix on his Sony 555 made the stereo mix on my SCD-1 sound bland and boring in comparison.

I can not wait to hear the rest of the album and get to know it better. As far as I am concerned, any SACD MC sampler that does not include this song is just a waste.

Ok Justin...THAT DID IT, I'm off to best buy.

Don't leave me hanging Dave. What did you think?
Justin, Love it...another great addition to my slowly growing collection, Next Up (Avalon), I hear it's great. Thanks Ben as always and thanks Justin for the push.