PC's for tubes?

Hi everyone.

Any recommendations on power cords that mate well with tube equipment? I have a Music Reference RM5MkIII(modded with IEC input) and an Aronov amp. I like the VD Nite and new Power1 w/SOL. Incredible bass and spatial qualities. A little laid-back in my system though. Have tried AC Master Coupler-classic and Discovery so far. (Cannot compete with VDs at all) I have read in 'BFS' that ribbon-based power cords work well with tube stuff in general. However, most PCs are not ribbon-based, therefore, a very limited selection. Also, I've read that ribbon-conductor PCs have inherent limitations. So, yes or no to ribbons?

Thanks in advance for any ideas or opinions.
TG Audio is suppose to be a good PC for tube gear. I haven't heard them yet, but do plan on trying one in the near future.
You're going to have to listen to some power cords to determine what works best in your system, in your room, and to your sonic preferences. Don't get hung up on ribbon conductors. The best pc's I've used in my system (which is almost all tube based) have varied in conductor types. While you're at it, don't forget to upgrade your a/c outlets as well as the pc's. You might want to check into Sonoran cables for some great pc's. Good luck.
Pure Note Sigma: www.purenote.com
Acoustic Zen Krakatoa work very well with all components, I think especially well with tubes.