PC program for music cd indexing

Does anyone know of a program I can use with Windows 98
that will allow me to enter the title, musicians, tracks,
etc. from each of my cd's and be able to search for any
of this info. I don't want to put the actual music on record, just the label info. Ideally I would like to load
each cd in turn into my drawer and have that information
read for me instead of having to type it all in manually.
I do not think this will do all that you ask, but try the Listeners Log by Zerokoo01 systems. it works with MAC and Windows 95/98. I think they may have had an Add on Amazon. com once. I could'nt find the web site but got an address......Zerokoo01 Systems, 2600 Farmington Rd., Suite 200, farmington Hills, MI 48334. Good luck!
Audiograbber, terrific program. You load your CD in you 'puter, it goes off and grabs all the relevant info off their website. Highly recommended
I believe Spinfree's Audiofile and its companion program will do everything audiograbber does (retrieves information from CDDB) and allows you to enter what you were looking for in a program. It is available at

Thank-you Summitgnp for the tip on Spinfree. Much better than the one I was using!!!!