Software program to create inventory of collection

I have a small collection of classical and jazz albums and compact discs and would like to have a software program that will allow me to know (from the screen as well as print reports) what's in my collection by title, label, artist, etc. I have heard of "OYC" (Organize Your Collection); however, they seem to be closing up shop. Any ideas/suggestions. Thanks.
Wepratt, you might try a search over at AudioAsylum. Check in the Vinyl Asylum using searchwords "database", "organizing", and similar.
You may want to give this a try, it has worked for me:
I've tried a few over the years and nothing compared to Music Collector:
I have looked at a number of products and at one time even started building my own with MS Access. The one I currently use is called CD Trustee.

It is a true data base with a very flexible report writer. The best feature is you can enter CDs as fast as you can put them in your CD drive and the program automatically looks up all the relevant information (on CDDB) like title, artist, tracks and times, genre, year produced, composer, etc. You can download the SW and use it on a trial basis (with a limitation on the number of CDs that you can store until you purchase the SW).

You can also add cover pics taken off Amason or CDNow and print covers for jewel cases and lables. The SW also lets you print a variety of reports. I take these lists with me when I shop for music in order to be sure I am not buying the same thing twice! It is a very nicely done application.

Go to and take a look.
Hi Wepratt

I agree with Zargon, above, I have tried everything I could get my hands on and nothing does the trick like CD Trustee. The ease of operation is far and away beyond anything else I have found.

Good Luck

A program called Tapetracker. Designed to be used by live concert tapers to organize and create lists. It still has enough flexibility to be used for ANY music collection. Very inexpensive, and the developer is always offering patches, upgrades, new features online.