Pathos Classic One, new version, any good?

Has anyone heard the new 70wpc Pathos Classic One? The 50wpc version seemed to get mixed reviews. The new one with full function remote seems to be just what I have been looking for.

I have Theil 2.2's now, think it would run them? I am thinking about getting Silverline Sonatina or Sonata's so I am sure it would power them.

I like the 6922 front end, and the full feature remote, but how does it sound?
I don't know what your room, musical taste or desired volume levels are like. While the Pathos may be adequate, I do believe that the Thiels can handle and will take full advantage of more power. If I were in your shoes I'd be looking for something with at least 200 watts into 4 Ohms and preferably more, up to 750 watts into 3 Ohms. Keep the 3 Ohm minimum load in mind.

I have a friend that owns the original (Avalon style) Sonatas and powers the with a Moth 45 tube amp at less than 2 watts channel. He has a fairly large room too! I'm sure the Pathos would power the Sonatas just fine. The Thiels may be a different story as they are a bit power hungry.

BTW, I have not heard the Pathos, but I've been curious too. If that is your bag, you may also want to consider the Unison Research SR1 or Unico. Call Alan at Audiowaves. He carries both and may have some insight into the matter. I'm not affiliated, just a prior customer. Alan can be reached at (800) 510-4753. He has a web site too.


I owned the 70 wpc version for some time. I was not impressed. I sold it and went back to my cheaper audio refinement. I agree the Theils could use more power. I wouldn't call the remote full featured, but they did add a source selector on it. I don't like the usability of it. The volume knob is not the stardard. It snaps back to the center after ever turn. I wasn't impressed. Sound quality was decent. But, again, I went back to the audio refinement which is half the price, and I'm happy.
I have tried the new Classic one, and I think it is a fantastic amplifier. Open and dynamic. It is extremely good value for the price, and the looks are....
But as always give it a try.
I own the 50 watt version, but listened to the 70 watt version. The 70 watt version sounds very similar to the (stock) 50 watter except it is a little smoother through the mids. The 70 watter adds better 6922 tubes. Not much difference in power...20 watt difference is not enough to hear. However, if you add a good pair of 6922 input tubes to the stock 50, look out! I replaced the stock tubes (Golden Dragon ECC86 - decent, but nothing special) with NOS Amperex PQ orange label 6922 with gold pins. The difference is quite dramatic. So, if you can pick up a 50 watter, just add some good 6922's to it and save the extra money you would have spent on the 70 watter. BTW, high performance 6922's should run any where from $50 to $150 for the pair depending on rarity, age, hours, etc.

Happy listening!