Passion, or ..... Precision?

Hi Guys, 

In the last 2 years I have finally built what I consider to be a fairly decent System. Namely, DCS Bartok, BHK 300 mono's and KEF Ref 5 Speakers. With the introduction of Qobuz, which is all I listen to now, I find myself searching out artists or tracks that sound amazing on my rig. Occasionally, I hit the jackpot and find something I really like that also sounds amazing. Streaming is brilliant for this. However, when I revert back to the music that evokes the passion in me I find that it tends to be of poorer recording quality. I'm 58 now and grew up with the 70's/80's Heavy Rock scene with bands like Sabbath, Ozzy, Rainbow, Lizzy and my beloved Status Quo etc. Their early material just doesn't 'cut it' on a high end system (IMO) and I find it more fatiguing to listen to. Modern technology and attention to detail in the recording studio has really dated some of my favourite bands to the point I find it harder to listen to them.

Does anybody else share this experience?

cheers, Mark


Doesn't really bother me that much; sound quality doesn't get my 'toes tapping', as it were - music does. My toes did plenty of tapping when I was 16 and listening on a little transistor radio. I certainly prefer better sounding music, but I'd rather hear music I like that's not so well reproduced than not at all.... 

Sorry but You blame the recordings much too much. If you can’t fix it hire a sound engineer.

This is the reason I'm a fan of vacuum tubed components. Takes the edge off of harsh recordings. I've spent a lot of effort tweaking and matching components and am very happy with how the compressed harsh recordings are sounding nowadays. Not perfect, but but very listenable.

I use Decca cartridges and everything sounds great! One trick with older rock on vinyl is just turn it up until you don't care.


Reading your post makes me grateful to not have to make this choice (most of the time, at least).  

However, the fact that you value passion more highly enables you to still enjoy listening. That is something worthy of gratitude as well, no?