Pass XA30.5 or Krell FPB-400cx?


I am in the process of upgrading my power amp and the pass xa30.5 and the fpb400cx are two of the options im interested. I realize these are two quite different amplifiers but theyre also two very good amplifiers and i have fairly sensitive speakers(watt/puppy 5.1) 93db so i think 30watts or 60watts in 4ohm as my speakers are would work quite well too, but on the other hand i do have the option of running the 400cx with CAST connection as i already have a KCT preamp.

Now this is where i would like some input, has any of you heard either or both of these amps? id appreciate any input and opinions.
I second Tvad's advice. You won't find a better guy in the business than Mark at Reno HiFi. You owe it to yourself to try out the Pass.

I think if you stated more about your preferences in sound and music, it wouldn't be too hard to make a suggestion between Krell adn Pass.

Personally having had both brands I would go with Pass. The Krell while doing some things extremely well, is just too much, too forward and and when you get a little bit of a bad recording, you really sit up and take notice. And then you leave the room.
I've owned both brands, but never those models.
Based on this, I would always select KRELL- Who could own too much KRELL?
Having the 2 best circuit today X & A circuit of PASS XA30.5 is worth the try. Check out Renohifi
I have owned the KCT/400cx CASTed combo for 7 years now and these components have provided me nothing but remarkable and musical satisfaction. They are not forward, backward or anything but balanced in every direction. Within 2 seconds of starting to listen to any piece of music, I simply forget the system and just enjoy the music.
I personally don't know much about Krell. The common thread I heard about both brands is that Krell is very good at the bass, and is limited elsewhere. Pass is a well-balance design from top to bottom frequency. Check out Stereophile for their report on the Pass XA30.5.
Hmm thanks for all the answers so far.
I do have Krell KPS28c and KCT thus far and the thought of running a complete CAST system is very appealing and a 400cx is going to be one monster of an amp.
My only concern is that the pass might have a sweeter tone to it? and its also a bit cheaper and i get away from the captive power cord which i dont really like.