Pass Labs XA60.5 with Magnepan

Currently enjoying Pass Labs amplification (xono, x1, XA60.5) with Magnepan 1.7. Mids and mid-base are absolutely wonderful. In my 10'x12' listening room, SPL are adequate but not rock loud. Generally the meter only moves a bit. Enough throat-clearing, do any inmates know if it is possible to step up to the 3.7i or add DWM using the same amplification?

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You would be fine. Look at the spec sheet on the Pass website. Pass underrates the power of their amps. The 60.5 doesn't even leave class A until 120 watts into 4 ohms.

A friend of mine is driving a pair of 3.7i and a pair of bass panels with 60.8s. He recently bought the second bass panel. He said that the bass panels really made a huge difference.