Pass Labs X250 and Audible Illusions M3A with ML?

anyone feel that Pass Labs X250 amp with Audible Illusions M3A preamp would go well with Martin Logan CLS speakers????
Sorry to say, I have my doubts. The Pass amps are designed to work best with balanced inputs. The AI only has single ended outputs. The Pass X250 has an unusually low input impedance, and the AI has an unusually high output impedance. The ML's have a wide range impedance that lowers into the upper frequencies. The Pass amps will increase their current into lower impedance's. That could make for bright sounding speakers. The ML's are tough load, and depending on the vintage, probably best served by a really beefy, high powered tube amp. YMMV.
thx...bought the Pas X250 so too late on the're right about the balanced inputs after reading the Pass which preamp would go well with ML CLS and Pass X250 amp?..I am thinking it better be a tube preamp.
I really don't think it has to be a tube pre, especially with the Pass, but suitable tube pres might include products from: Atmasphere, Sonic Frontiers and BAT.
Hi, Ive got a X-350, I use it single-ended. I use nordost Quattrofil ic's into my kostos metaxas pre amp, speakers are martin logan monolith IIIp modified. They sound great, not bright, Ive tried balanced, not that much better, I like em either way.USE YOUE EARS!!!