DR9 Classe preamp vs. Audible Illusions 3 preamp?

How do these two compare, particularly the phono stage? I am looking at eventually replacing my B&K Pro 10 with either of these . The rest of my system is as follows:

B&K EX4420
LAT International cables, PC and biwire cable
Paradigm Ref 60 V2 speakers
Nakamichi MB2s changer
Monarchy DIP Mark II
Dan Wright modified MSB Link III
RegaP3 2000 with OL250 fully modded arm
Dynavector 10xMk4 cartridge

I listen to everything but country and rap.

Classe DR-9 is a amplifier model.
Sorry, got wrong model #.
The Modulus' phono stage is much better than the one in the B&K. Made sure to get some new tubes though.