Bat vk3i or audible illusions 3a

I listen to mostly vinyl and have a Conrad Johnson 11a with a well tempered classic and a cary 303/101 cdp. Any other recommendations from people who have experimented with the cj 11a (solid state ok)would be helpful.
I have owned both the BAT with the phono card option and the Modulus 3a. The Modulus is the hands down winner sonically, for both the line and phono stages. The BAT, of course is more feature laden and user friendly. The fly in the ointment with the AI is the stepped attenuators, one of the major reasons I sold mine. Nonetheles, my recommendation goes to the Modulus 3a.

I second the M3A. Need to go on up the BAT line for a better comparison. The M3A was and still is one heck of a fine preamp. No way it can be beat for the money.
Go for the AI Mod 3, not new 3A, no stepped attenuators and for maybe $650 used. A great bargain. Just be prepared to spring for some better tubes.