pass all class-A amps X-200 & X-150

has anyone heard the new pass amps, and if so how do they stack up against the current X series( like X-600, X-1000 etc ).
These amps are so new and so expensive, that I suspect it'll be awhile before we hear much about them. Cheers. Craig
I believe they are called the XA-200 and XA-150.
No one has heard them because they are not out yet. At CES they were shown but just the chassis with nothing inside.
thanks....will just have to wait then. i was thinking of getting the X-600 ....
I own an x-150, x-2 absolutely love'em. sent me info on the x-2.5 pre-amp. Call Peter, he can send you the new brochure. Unfortunately I could not attend CES this year. All Class-A ???
dave, what i meant was the new, pure class A XA 200 and XA 150 amps. the current X series, incl X 600 and X I50 operate at class A up to a certain point before switching to class AB.
Hi Anne,

This is what sent to me today.

“Hi David,

We showed the prototype chassis of the XA200 at CES earlier this month. There will be two models produced, the XA200 and the XA150. Both will be pure class A, Supersymmetric monoblock power amps with balanced single ended Class A output stage and Supersymmetric front end. A real eclectic Nelson spin-off. They will not replace anything in the X series and there will only be the two models. We expect to be able to produce XA200's in 90-120 days.

These will be very dynamic and controlled amps, running class A bias throughout. The XA200 will deliver 200 watts into 8 ohms and probably around 300 into 4, and as with all class A amps will not deliver additional power below 4 ohms. Each chassis will idle at around 600-700 watts
dissipation, and is built on the X1000 chassis so will weigh in around 220 pounds per channel.

The msrp of these amps will be $28,000 per pair for the XA200 and $18,000 per pair for the XA150.

They definitely will not be for everybody! The X250 is a great amplifier and a logical upgrade from the X150,
particularly if you need more power...and, then there's that METER! In terms of the topology, the X150 and X250 are similar, both using some localized feedback on the output stage to reduce distortion. This also serves to increase the damping factor, allowing for better control of some pesky drivers in certain loudspeakers.

I hope this is useful information? Let me know if there is anything else I might do to help.

Have a great weekend and thanks for your support of Pass Labs!

Peter Perkins, North American sales manager”

Best of Luck
Peter's always been helpful....
Sounds like Nelson's back at the fully-Class A and damned the electric bill route again. Aleph redux? Seems my Aleph 2 monos at 100/200 8/4 aren't obsolete after all!!