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Laid back, mellow, sax/jazz
gene ammons' classic '' boss tenor ''.arne domnerus quartet '' easy going ''..fantastic recording. 
Krell KAV 300i
i've heard the krell 300i some time ago and found it to be a bit forward sounding and fatiguing. the new 300il is a different beast...smoother sound, warmer and more powerful. it should have no trouble driving any speakers. i believe krell offers ... 
Warm, Deep Stage, S.S Dual Mono Amps ?
have a listen to Ampzilla 2000. dead quiet, lets you see into the music with no SSitis. 
un-screwing acoustic zen cables
i've had similar, although less serious problems with the acoustics zen connectors. i've learned not to screw them on too tight. with the AZ WOW cables, to undo them, you need to turn the connectors anti-clockwise. i assume it's the same for the o... 
Thiel or Sonus Faber??...Need help please
the guarneris will not give you deep bass, although the midrange is superb. what about the sonus faber cremona? it's a floorstander( some say it's a bigger version of the guarneris ) . the other option is the vienna acoustics strauss or mahler. i ... 
Speakers 2K- 3K range used or new
what about Vandersteen 2CE ? i'm considering getting a pair myself for my second system.good luck ! 
What's a good amp to pair with SF Grd Piano Home
i enjoyed the sound of the sonus fabers being driven by krell 300il. these speakers like a bit of power. mark levinson 334 or 335 should be a good match, especially when you have the 38S preamp. tubes are magical with sonus fabers , though... 
What tube amp mates well with Sonus Faber Amati's?
it is a pity that the amatis are not biampable. i have been through much grief recently trying to find power amps which can drive the amatis' woofers well. despite their fairly high sensitivity( 92 db ), the amatis do better with more power. i've ... 
A tubes vs. Solid State question.
cheers guys...i am female audiophile! yep, there are not too many of us around here. i have an ARC preamp with Pathos power of both SS and tube world, i feel. 
A tubes vs. Solid State question.
you know what you like so other people's opinions should not matter. 
Meridian or Audio Research - Weigh in Please
i strongly recommend the ARC CD 3, if you can afford it. it is one of the most analogue sounding cd players i have heard. good luck ! 
How to keep housemates from using your rig?
kick them out , i say. the stress you go through is simply not worth the rent they are paying you. it is bad enough that they don't respect you and your precious rig but to lie to your face like that...good luck ! 
Which SS preamps will compete w/ tubes?
i like the Audible Illusions Modulus 3A vey much. it is well- built , transparent but warm at the same time. tube pre-amps do not have the maintenance requirements as their power amps. the other option is to go for hybrid amps like Pathos twin tow... 
Anyone heard the Gryphon Adagio?
i heard the adagio recently with ARC REF 2/Hovland HP 100, Pathos In-Control/Mark Levinson 334, driving a pair of Sonus faber guarneris . The Adagio has a warm and laid back sound with plenty of detail. but i prefer the ARC CD 3 which is analogue-... 
Jazz Jamaica All Stars' ''Massive '' . interesting blend of big band jazz and reggae. uplifting music to soothe our frazzled nerves at the end of a lousy day at work. sound quality ok.enjoy !