Parasound T3 tuner won't turn on

Recently bought a used Parasound T3 tuner and A23  amp together, then bought the P3 preamp on ebay.  Got it all hooked up but the tuner wont turn on.  The on-off button is backlit, but the "P" logo does not light up, nor does the display.  Tried plugging/unplugging - didn't work.  Tried using the remote - nothing.  Tried using a 12v trigger from the preamp - did no good.  Tried resetting the microprocessor per the manual using a toothpick in the unmarked hole near the RS232 jack - did nothing.  Previous owner said it was working when he took it out of service about a year ago, and I have no reason to doubt him.  We are both members of the New England Antique Radio and Vintage Electronics Club.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


I would look for a good reliable tech. Any good tech would be able to take care of your problem. I deal with Audio Classics for all my Mac equipment and they do repairs. Not sure if they would work on a Parasound but you never know. Just checked their site and they are closed due to the Governor declaring all non essential business close in NY. I guess our hobby isn’t essential, lol. Perhaps others will chime in with a good tech.  Is there an on/off master switch on the rear panel?
There are a few tech repair shops near me in Augusta and it will probably end up at one of them soon.  There is no master on-off switch on the rear panel.  Friend of mine said I should discharge the caps with a wire across the 115v terminals.  Sounds risky to me.  What would cause the protection circuit to lock up, and how can I unlock it?
Good suggestion to look for blown fuses.  I actually thought of that after my last post and took the cover off to check.  Didn't see any obvious burn marks or broken wires.  There are three fuses and they all look fine, but I pulled them and checked for continuity -  all are fine.