Paradigm persona vs. Monitor audio Platinum

Just listen to the paradigm persona 7h.the monitor audio Platinum 300 generation two are so much more three-dimensional and open it's not even funny the paradigm sounded very two-dimensional compared to the monitors that MPD Tweeter puts the beryllium Tweeter to shame.
Sans Persona, indeed.  : )

And since I’m the one that started this forum, I can post on here as much as I like and if you don’t like it too bad!!!

David Ten we also love the Kef Blades, the Legacy Aeris, Vimberg, Rockport. Focal Utopia series, latest Wilsons. 

Just to think we only like the Personas isnt' the case.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ 
Wasn’t directed at you, unless you are also the OP... @audiotroy
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