Pangea AC14SE or Shunyata Venom S for tube preamp?

I have an Audio Research tube preamp and a couple of power cords sitting around that I got on sale some time ago that I'd like to use. Shunyata Venom S ("source" version if that really matters, I don't think it should) and a Pangea AC 14SE (not the newest "mkII" version).

Both are 14 gauge cords and I paid the same price for them.

Will either of these be fine for the ARC preamp?
Why not try them and see?
I can try them for sound quality myself but I just wanted to know if they are suitable for the preamp in the first place.
Both are ok for preamps and low current components.
I use a standard Pangea AC14 w/c-7 on my TTVJ phono stage. It works well and sounds very good.
I would choose Shunyata any day over Pangea.
Thanks all for the feedback, I will give these a try on my preamp.
Just because the Shunyata Venom is more expensive, it doesn't mean it's better for you. Try.