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Who needs a tuner?
NPR news online, which is the only broadcast media other than the BBC that allows you to find out what is really going on in the world. Haha that's a joke. 
Is there actually a difference?
"Any yutz with ears can hear the difference between an amplifier before and after vibration isolation. Well, maybe not the bullet headed dude from Audio Review."Do you mean Julian Hirsch from Stereo Review? 
Sadly missed manufacturers
~ B&W is still alive and remains very reputed among speaker manufacturers worldwide. They were nowhere near dying in 2014 ūüėä@lalitk¬†I think¬†many older audiophiles don't hold the company in the same high regard after they lost their founder and ... 
Best Tube Amp For Sonus Faber? Or Pass XA-100.5? $6-7,500 Budget, Purchasing Used.
Nightfall congrats on your VAC purchase.But going back to the¬†Pass for a¬†moment to humor me about my own future purchase possibilities,¬†was the xa60.5 really not powerful enough? Is it your room size or your speaker load that simply demands more a... 
Lifters ForGetting Cables Off The Floor, Worth It Or Snake Oil
Better yet, hire a contractor to remove the floor entirely and install a couple of catwalks that allow you to walk to and from your equipment rack. ¬†The results will be amazing I assure you. 
You can only take 5 albums to a deserted Island...
Here are my 5 in no particular order:1) Beatles - Rubber Soul2) Beatles - White Album3) Rolling Stones - Beggar's Banquet4) U2 - Joshua Tree5) Derek & the Dominos - LaylaFirst substitute (#5b): Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited 
Seems I'm really done!
Famous last words. 
Has there been any inexpensive item that enhanced your system's sound?
chrshanl37 and zavato, Nice suggestion and probably the best one here. ¬†A $50 bottle of this stuff will do more than any $50 power cable I've ever heard. ¬†Might I suggest Russell's Reserve Single Barrel as well. ¬† 
What happened to the "club atmosphere" of Audiogon?
Seems if anything is mark "USED", even 5 minuted old, it should, at best, garner only 50% Umm, welcome to the rest of the world. ¬†Why should audio equipment be much different? ¬†Some of the prices people expect for 5-10 year old "high end" elect... 
Shopping for a preamp
I think I may have misread your requirements. ¬†Are you looking for a preamp with a built in phono stage? If so, then the Ref2 is not what you are looking for because it is a line stage and you'd have to add a phono stage. BTW, I like your Pass XP-... 
Shopping for a preamp
My amp is the Pass Labs x250.5 and speakers are my dear old B&W Matrix 803 s2. ¬†I'd say dynamics and musical realism are the Ref2's strong points. ¬†I've owned 3 tube preamps (granted, not very many compared to many others here) and it combines... 
Shopping for a preamp
You can get an ARC Ref2 within your budget. I love mine. You could also get an LS-26 which is supposed to be great too (I haven‚Äôt auditioned one myself). 
from ARC to Pass ?
I get fantastic results with my Pass x250.5¬†mated with the¬†ARC Ref 2. Since inserting the Ref 2 into my Pass based system I'm so happy with the results I haven't felt the need to look anymore. 
amp or preamp to extend upper end
Evolving: in my experience the preamp has more influence on the upper frequencies than does the amplifier. At least when you get to a certain level of performance. I don't have any experience with Musical Fidelity components so I can't talk about ... 
amp or preamp to extend upper end
BMW has lost its way. They used to indeed live up to their slogan Ultimate Driving Machine. What used to be true of BMW is no longer the case, as they have eschewed their performance engineering roots that was a "driver's car" and have now become ...