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The best speaker you ever heard?
The best sound I've heard was from a dealer system in Plano, TX featuring JMlab Grande Utopia speakers driven by Levinson and Wadia electronics. This would have been in the late 90's I believe. I haven't heard any uber exotic systems lately so tha... 
Recommendations for a "summer" amp?
Thanks for the recommendations. My listening room is on the west side which catches the worst summer sun and the hot amps just make the AC's job that much more difficult. 
pass x250.5/xp10VSmcintosh MA7000VSClasse cap2100
W7 to answer your question, I have some tube preamps (Audio Research LS-16mkII and Cary SLP-98 F1) and an older Forte solid state preamp that I rotate in an out. The Forte provides by far superior bass performance over the tube units, and I am sur... 
Pre amp for Pass Labs XA30.5 – Tube or SS
I've tried both SS and tube preamps with my X250.5 and I believe I prefer the solid state for the better bass quality. The x250.5 does bass so well that it's a shame to not have a preamp that can do it justice in this department. Depends on your m... 
pass x250.5/xp10VSmcintosh MA7000VSClasse cap2100
I haven't heard those Macs or Classe, but for what it's worth, I love my x250.5 and I personally am not interested in upgrading unless it would be for a pair of Pass class A monoblocks (but my budget prevents that). I'm extremely satisfied with my... 
Best integrated amp for the new kef ls50's?
For over $2000: the Pass Labs INT-30A if those KEFs are efficient. Or the INT-150 if inefficient or if you like to really rock out at very high decibels. 
Personal amp evolution
Going all the way back to childhood (not high end but wtf, it's my list)...Panasonic consoleKenwood receiverCarver TFM-35x ampForte 1a ampPass Labs x250.5 amp 
Cary SLP 03
How does the SLP 98 and 98F1 fit into this discussion? How does it compare to the 03 and 05? 
Cary SLP 03
How does the SLP 98 and 98F1 fit into this discussion? How does it compare to the 03 and 05? 
ARC LS25 with PASS X250 - bad match? Seems bright.
Did Marktomaras ever come back with his comparisons? I would like to know how it turned out. 
Affordable SS amp that has tube characteristics
In listening tests by Stereophile golden ears, a prototype of what would become the Carver M-1.0t production model was found to be sonically indistinguishable from the Conrad-Johnson Premier Four tube amp. I don't see how you could get any closer ...