Panasonic H1000 vs Pioneer DV-38A

I am trying to choose between these two DVD players. Which is the best for both sound and especially video?
Cyrus- The H1000 has outstanding video quality, and very good audio. The Elite is no slouch, but the H1000 is preferred in my system. However, because of the inadequate warranty compared to the Elite unit, I'd go with the Elite. Send Panasonic a message that their flagship components must carry a better warranty at the price range. My H1000 didn't last a year before motor failure and the warranty only covers 90 days. The Elite covers 2 years, I believe. Good luck.

I am not shopping for a DVD Player right now (as I got the current #2 Pioneer Elite player, the DV-37, and even then, my player carries a better warranty than any of the Panasonic units that I saw), but if I was still shopping for one, then the warranty would be one of the issues I would look at before parting with my hard earned green. So, I am with "Jcbtubes" on this one. If Panasonic is going to ask you to shell out $2K for their flagship DVD Player, then the least they can do is give you a better warranty in return. So now, if I am going to spend upward to $2K on a DVD Player, then my nod would also go to the Pioneer Elite DV-38A. And while you're at it, look at the Onkyo DV-S939 also. I also think that's a first class player (it definitely rivals the Pioneer Elite DV-38A in build quality, that's for sure).

Good Luck.

Have the Elite, love it, and I echo the importance of warranty cited by the last poster with anything that has moving parts. Mine died after 30 days (wouldn't read discs). Pioneer replaced it with a brand new unit within 48 hours! Not a wimper since.

Great picture, made better if you can use component out and throw a Black Diamond Racing shelfsource/ under it. I'm not sure you can do better than at the discounted $1050 price these have been selling for on eBay. I think you'd have to go the EAD or Camelot Roundtable to do better. --Lorne