Paid for UPS shipping and the package was immediately sent to the US Post Office.

I shipped something internationally from the UPS Store and I was offered to choose to ship via UPS or the Post Office. UPS was about double the price, but I chose UPS for reliability and good past experience over the years vs. USPS.

The tracking says that the shipment was immediately transferred to the Post Office with a new USPS tracking #.

I paid double. I was never told this could happen. I would have just used the post office.


Go immediately back to that UPS store and get an explanation and your $$$ back for the difference. Then fike a claim with the BBB

It could be UPS service with a USPS handoff. International shipping probably works best when USPS is used to go through customs. They might hand it back to UPS for delivery or not. I use USPS all the time for international, no issues.