Sorry, just had to post something when I saw that there were 666 threads in the music forum :)
OZZIE"S COOL! some of his music is awesome,some sucks.
I guess ya can't ask for more from a 52 year old metal pioneer!
Had to laugh after seeing the Oz on that T.V. show he's doing with his family. He was scolding the young-un's and ranting against the evils of "Pot and alcohol" and "hanging around in clubs when your only 16..." Sounded just like a PTA mom... Oh well, guess you have to grow up sometime...
What a perfect way to celebrate the success of the music forum! Ozzie is awesome! His music is great (generally); his TV show isn't. I guess that means he's human like the rest of us.
You must be kidding - his television show is the only reason to turn the thing on during prime time.
When I saw th e thread title "Ozzie", i thought this was a thread about the Nelsons. Oh well. I love watching the Osbournes. I could watch Ozzy empty [or at least try to] the trash all day. Ozzy rocks!
What i find amazing is that Ozzy stumbles through common speech and the most basic of motor skills like a caveman and literally "comes to life" in terms of verbal skills and body movement when you put him on stage. It is almost like two different people ( creatures ??? ) reside in that body. Either way, what else can be said about the "frontman" for the first true "metal" band on the planet ??? Sean

PS... Black Sabbath without Ozzy is like a day without sunshine: dull, drab and boring.
I actually witnessed Ozzy's first come back gig after Sabbath-1981 at the Glasgow Apollo if I remember right-Randy Rhoads was brilliant but Ozzy was a bit worse for wear.
My lasting memory was approx 3 minutes into the gig (Rhodes first guitar solo of the night)that Ozzy dashed offstage(I could see because I was front row of the circle)and drank from a bottle of spirits (Whiskey/Vodka?both?)like you would a bottle of mineral water-half gone in about three slugs,he was a nervous wreck.
He's funny though,talented with Sabbath,their prototype riffing has been incredibly influential in a positive but sadly in a negative way too as a lot of the cartoon elements of Metal began to surface in the 80's and onwards-something Ozzy has been prone to as well.
Surely one of the funniest men in rock,his stories are legend
I saw Sabbath back in the early 70's 73-74?
I think it was the "sabbath bloody sabbath" tour.
they rocked for sure and the show was awesome! 'snow' falling on the stage,great light show...dont do concerts like that anymore! OH! then there was the Alice Cooper concert....
what great memories huh Ben?
Ozzie's got the funniest show on TV.

i remain,